Business Card Designs

These business cards are personal designs I created for equine facilities I have association with and clubs I hold membership to.


*Active Business Cards: Bridlechase Farm, BennettEQProductions, Gator Collegiate CattleWomen, Gunpowder Ranch card 1, Code Four Show Stables Card 1, Daryl's Ducks, Carrigaholt


*Inactive Business Card Designs: Gunpowder Ranch cards 2 and 3, Code Four Show Stables cards 2 and 3



These fliers are personal designs I created for equine facilities, equine trainers, clubs, and events.



Logo Designs

These logos are personal designs I created for equine facilities, clubs, and personal endevors.


*Active Logos: Bridlechase Farm, Proverbs 21:31 Equestrian, BennettEQProductions, Field Hunters Inc., What's Your Beef 2016, UF Ropin' in the Swamp 2016, Roma's Pizza (recreated design), Daryl's Ducks, Carrigaholt


Ads, Postcards, Invitations, Programs

Theses ads, postcards, invitations and programs are personal designs I created for equine facilities, equine trainers, clubs, and events.


These t-shirts were designed for events held by the Univerity of Florida's Block and Bridle Club


Catalog cover and photo editing for University of Floirda Sale in the Swamp 2016


Websites, Managed Social Media Accounts

                   Websites                                 FB                      IG  


Personal Projects

These projects were done for close freinds and do not represent typical work produced by BennettEQProducions. However, I felt compelled to share to show the range of our design possibilities.





Promotional and sale videos for horses.




Florida Cattle Identification

I was the research director for the Florida Cattle Identification Campaign Team. This campaign was designed for Florida Department of Agriculure and Consumer Services' Division of Animal Industy's Cattle Identification Rule through a course offered at the Universtiy of Florida. The campaign was presented by our entire team to members of the DAI on April 21, 2015.



Oringinal paintings.


Horse name signs are used on stalls at horse shows.


Other paintings are either for personal display or were given as gifts.

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